Sylvia Fogoly is about unifying make-up artistry and portrait photography to produce a result worthy of an editorial. In love with the starlets of the 1960s, her make-up looks are reminiscent of the famous bombshells who defined glamourous beauty. While introducing a modern take, her portraits are styled with a dose of classy european charm. The combined make-up and photography sessions last half a day so her unhurried clients are photographed at their best angles, with undivided attention. Welcome to a place where luxe meets art.

The Reflection of a Glamour Puss by Sylvia Fogoly.jpg


  • Headshots & Portraits: Beauty & Corporate
  • Pre-Wedding Studio Photography
  • Maternity Photography
  • Make-Up for Occasions
  • Personalised beauty lessons



  • Interview & Photoshoot with CozyCot Mook Magazine, Summer 2011
  • Her World Oct'11, Shiseido Beauty Reviewer 
  • What’s in your makeup bag: Sylvia Fogoly, Her World



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